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À la recherche d'une belle petite
The Fabulous Story of model cars
Philippe Lafaix
2000 - 53 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

In Marseille, Rome, London or Berlin, the camera peers into the lives of these out of the ordinary people. Little buy little, it traces and humorously compares portraits of fascinating and singular collectors. All from different cultures, all passionate, they open the doors to their hidden treasures.
From an apartment bursting with models to a boutique resembling Ali Baba’s cavern, we follow their hunt as they speak candidly of their quest.
How did they catch the model car virus ? What are their profound motivations ? Why are they interested in such-and-such model ? What makes its quality, its value ? What are the characteristics and details, which make them some more collectable than other ?

Author-Director : Philippe Lafaix
Delegate Producer : Kayenta production
Broadcasting Co-producer : Planète
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : Omnitem communication
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