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À la recherche d'Erland Josephson
Alexandre Barry
1996 - 53 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

"At 20, I thought that I would be all grown up by the age of 30. At 30 I thought, I'd mature by 40. Today I am 72 years old, and the infantile gestures of my soul are still just as violent, only I have learned a little about how to recognise them" ... says Erland Josephson, famous for his luminous interpretations of Andreï Tarkovski's "Sacrifice" and "Nostalghia", pet actor of Ingmar Bergman, director of the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Stockholm, poet, novelist and script writer...

Author-Director : Alexandre Barry
Delegate Producer : IO production
Broadcasting Co-producer : Images Plus
Contribution : CNC


Distributor : IO production