À la poursuite de ses rêves
( Histoire d'un chercheur de l'ombre... )

Eric Sanchez
2015 - 44 min - Couleur - France

New documentary, the story of a passionate and trail blazing man, creator of revolutionary radio-controlled scale models, made after the World War II.
We all look for our place in the world, to know what we are destined to bring to humanity. This documentary introduces the autobiographical testimony of Albert Sanchez, who throughout his life, chose as extra-professional activity the role of researcher, to be on the quest for technological innovation. After the World War II, he began his research to create jet aircraft (2 aircraft, including one crash) before the time of the Concorde or the Mirage… Then he created with his own hands radio-controlled scale model boat, especially with the replica 1/100th of the famous battleship Richelieu, flagship of the French navy during the World War II, working as the real one (smoke, siren, Morse functions ...), the NGV (high speed vessel) race, and other innovations to make his every-day’s life easier… Passion of scale models, and scale model making has no limits for Albert Sanchez, to exceed technological innovation! He presented his passion to François Mitterrand most notably, but also to the military of Civil Aviation, the French Navy, but also through galas, scale model shows in Oran…
Today, over 90 years old, what has he been able to bring through his researches?
Illustrated by unpublished archival imagery of the era of French Algeria, through the time of colonization (Oran), the film also introduces the man with periods of doubt, his testimony about wars that he had cross, including the World War II and the Algerian War. The drawings of Jean Bellis, marine and aviation illustrator, who has, through his entire illustrations, the memory of an era: beginning with the early days of aviation, but also war and technological innovation.

Author-Director : Eric Sanchez
Delegate Producer : TranSphère Production


Distributor : TranSphère Production