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À la poursuite de la particule fantôme
Isabel Santos, Marcel Dalaise
1997 - 27 min - Betacam SP - Couleur - France

The prehistory of this story begins in 1896, when Henri Becquerel demonstrated the existence of natural radioactivity. Since then, particle physicists have undertaken a fantastic journey into the heart of the atom to decipher one by one the ultimate constituents of matter, that are called elementary particles.
One of them, the neutrino, keeps raising questions for physicists and giving a hard time to those who want to detect it.
During the "Rencontres de Blois" which bring together each year particle physicists from all over the world, attracted by the mystery of the neutrinos, we decided to undertake the journey in an attempt to understand this quest. At each stage we looked for a guide to help us progress in this enigma.
But from pitfall to pitfall, from question to question, from encounter to encounter, this study allowed us to approach the physics of the invisible, to share the challenge and to grasp what is at stake.

Author-Director : Isabel Santos, Marcel Dalaise
Delegate Producer : Cité des sciences et de l'industrie. Sciences actualités
Co-producer : CNRS audiovisuel
Broadcasting Co-producer : TV5 Monde