À l'Ouest
Une tragi-comédie sur la pêche artisanale Série-Collection : Les Abords bigouden

Séverine Vermersch
2006 - 52 min - Digital vidéo - Couleur - France

In September 2005, I shiped out on the Veronika. Single woman between five men, I filmed them during two weeks, the time of an ocean tide.
Their words of love, their desperations and their happiness to sail on the sea, but also their burst of laughters, the dolphins dances, the tales of shipwreck, a few breakers, the lie-downs on the deck,the divings fron the turret...
And this trawl evacuating its garbages of sea beds and its fortunes of heterogeneous sea... but constantly a lack of fishes.

Author-Director : Séverine Vermersch
Delegate Producer : Séverine Vermersch


Distributor : Séverine Vermersch
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