Under the Cerro Shadow
( A la sombra del Cerro )

Kim Camus
2022 - 33 min - Vidéo Ultra HD - Couleur - France

At 4000 meters above sea level, in the South American Altiplano from the city of Potosí, the Cerro Rico Mountain overshadows everything and everyone. This stone giant has been attracting men and women over centuries.
Alike the members of the Compotosi, one of the largest mining cooperatives in Bolivia. They daily coexist with this giant and by hook or by crook extract its Silver.

Author-Director : Kim Camus
Photography : Kim Camus, Baptiste Vieille
Sound : Kim Camus, Leon Alvaro Martinez, Pascal Bricard
Editing : Philippine Merolle, Kim Camus
Delegate Producer : Arminda Velo


Distributor : Arminda Velo