À l'encre rouge
( Tinta Roja )

Carmen Guarini, Marcelo Céspedes
1998 - 72 min - Super 16 mm - Couleur - Argentine, France

The film "Tinta Roja" follows several different stories that happen in the editorial offices of the "news in brief" columns of a popular Argentinian newspaper "Cronica" and also in the city of Buenos Aires.
It seems that today it is the "news in brief" columns of the Argentinian daily newspapers, rather than the political columns, that convey the social and political situation of a country racked by brutal upheavals and frenzied liberalism.
The subject of "Tinta Roja" is not the actual stories but the people who cover them : the journalists. Their corrosive humour is on a par with an existential bitterness, their love of the tango with their determination to do their best in a profession that is deteriorating fast. One of the journalists says : "In a country of missing people, the act of appearing in the press, even in only a few lines, gives people the illusion of existing."


Distributor : Iskra
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