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À l'école de la mouche
Erwan Le Guillermic
2005 - 17 min - DV Cam - Couleur - France

“Á l’école de la mouche “is the story of my encounter with Philippe Nicolas. I had long been trying to translate in images my personal relationship with the environment due to my practice of fly fishing. How could I stress the uniqueness, the intense sensitivity linked to the moment when one enters the river?
Philippe Nicolas found a way to express these emotions and the film was born from our discussion.
The mood of communion with Brittany’s rivers, the wild and preserved aspects of those sites, the enthusiasm of the youth group to feel the river are all the elements that allow the film to express the beauty of an immersion in white waters.
“Á l’école de la mouche “ is not only directed to a fishing public but also to people sharing the universal values of respect, love and critical thinking.
This movie is a militant act regarding a way of life, the fisherman’s life that thanks to his touch goes to the point.

Author-Director : Erwan Le Guillermic
Delegate Producer : DMLG Production


Distributor : DMLG Production
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