A Knife in Dino Baggio's Head
( Noz w glowie Dino Baggio )

Marek Piwowski
1999 - 39 min - Couleur - Pologne

English summary
A mockumentary, which imitates a live TV programme (with the host addressing TV viewers, a news bar at the bottom, etc.) covering a football event, based on a real event, which had recently fired up the Polish media.
During a Champions League preliminary game between Wisla Krakow and AC Parma, a Krakow fan hit Italian player Dino Baggio on the head with a knife. In the programme, a special Interpol team arrive in Poland to investigate the matter. Our football authorities (headed by parodied Chairman Marian Dziurowicz) launch a counteroffensive. Just as thirty years earlier in "The Cruise" and two years earlier in "The Parade Step", absurdities mount…

Auteur-Réalisateur : Marek Piwowski
Image : Andrzej Wolf
Son : Jacek Hamela
Montage : Slawomir Filip
Producteur délégué : Akson Studio