A Kalahari Family - Real Water Série-Collection : The !Kung Series

John K. Marshall
1983 - 60 min - 35 mm - Couleur - États-Unis

Part 3
Ju'hoan farming communities multiply during the 1980s only to face a new threat. The Department of Nature Conservation wants to create a game reserve on Ju'hoan territory. People will be forbidden to raise livestock or crops. Instead, Ju'hoansi will be encouraged to act like "Bushmen" and hunt for the amusement of tourists.

"A Kalahari Family" is a five-part, six-hour series documenting 50 years in the lives of the Ju'hoansi of southern Africa, from 1951 to 2000. These once independent hunter-gatherers experience dispossession, confinement to a homeland, and the chaos of war. Then as hope for Namibian independence and the end of apartheid grows, Ju'hoansi fight to establish farming communities and reclaim their traditional lands. The series challenges stereotypes of "Primitive Bushmen" with images of the development projects Ju'hoansi are carrying out themselves.

Author-Director : John K. Marshall
Delegate Producer : Kalfam Productions