À jamais, pour toujours
Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
2013 - 74 min - Couleur - Canada (Québec)

Sudan is still tormented by the open wounds of its civil war, and "À jamais pour toujours" takes us to the country’s heart, starting with lines of poetry that capture its essence. Filmed largely in Khartoum, the city at the symbolically rich confluence of the Nile’s two main channels, the documentary observes the complexities and paradoxes of an ancient people.
Focusing on the stories of several individuals who are deeply affected by religious tensions between southern Catholics and northern Muslims, the film seeks to paint an intimate and detailed portrait of the country’s problems. Combining reportage and cultural history, it stands as an essential look at an often misunderstood and tragically ignored country.

Author-Director : Alexandra Sicotte-Lévesque
Photography : Katerine Giguère
Editing : Myriam Magassouba, Diego Briceño-Orduz
Original Music : Olivier Alary
Delegate Producer : Les Films du 3 mars


Distributor : Les Films du 3 mars


2013 - RIDM - Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal, Montréal (Canada) : mention spéciale Prix Magnus-Isacsson