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A Gift from Heaven
( Matana Mishamaim )

Guy Davidi
2009 - 20 min - Digital vidéo - Israël

English summary
A foreign Thai worker was wounded by a missile launched from Gaza to the south of Israel days before the war in Gaza. After 2 years without the ability to work and his debts growing the worker is left without almost any support.
In a situation of great exploitation of foreign workers, the employer describes his perception of the State’s responsibility and his own relating the work-market and the Israel-Palestine conflict.
The film delves into the self-sense of being victimized and the way it can blind and be used to oppress the other and become a destructive political power.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Guy Davidi
Image : Guy Davidi
Montage : Guy Davidi
Producteur délégué : Guy Davidi


Distributeur : Guy Davidi
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