The Boat Lift
Herlé Jouon
2012 - 11 min - HDCam - Couleur - France

A few weeks before a summer season of gliding across the clear waters of the Mediterranean, large luxury yachts get their beauty treatment in the shipyards of southern France. For several years, a shipyard in La Ciotat has been using a fast and revolutionary method to bring these billionaires’ babies out of the water. They have invested in a boat lift, a machine that can lift an 80 metre yacht and set it down on dry land. Using a dozen cameras placed on the docks, on board and under the water, we filmed the delicate process of drydocking.
On board the Annamia the crew are on alert because the slightest gust could divert the ship from its trajectory. Underwater, divers prepare the manoeuvre. They are responsible for positioning the boat on the large underwater platform. The success of this precise operation depends on their skill and accuracy. Today the task is more complicated than usual because the mistral is blowing and there is a strong swell. All players are aware that the monster emerging from the water represents tens of millions of euros…

Author-Director : Herlé Jouon
Photography : Christophe Castagne, Laïla Agorram, Patrick Barra, Yves Gladu, Thierry Massé
Delegate Producer : Via Découvertes Production
Broadcasting Co-producer : France 3 Thalassa


Distributor : GAD (Grand Angle Distribution)