A Final Reunion
Chengpeng Dong
2018 - 48 min - Vidéo Ultra HD - Couleur - Chine

English summary
The documentary follows Lili, a girl originally from a small town in Northeast China. Her job was a salesperson in a furniture shop in Beijing. She is married and has a child. In recent years, online shopping is changing the landscape of furniture business. And Lili lost her job by the end of 2017. Lili got a call from her grandma, urging her to come home for the Lunar New Year and see her father.
Jixiang Wang, Lili’s father, is mentally incapacitated. Lili’s mother filed a divorce and took her away. It has been ten years since she last saw her father. Lili arrived after a long and fatiguing trip but Lili’s father can’t even recognize his own daughter. He lost his ability to communicate normally after suffering from brain damage.
The Wang family has five children. Jiwen is the oldest, Jiwu is the second born, Jixiang ranks third, Jixian fourth, and Jigui the youngest. Before he fell ill, Jixiang was the most well-off of the siblings. He was the director of security at the Liaohe Oil Field. He often helped the siblings financially and was the pillar of the family. Unfortunately, a severe fever incapacitated Jixiang mentally. His mother took care of him ever since.
Grandma told them that after she passes, Jixiang must be taken care of by family not some institution. But who will attend to his day to day life ?
Two days before Lunar New Year’s Eve, grandma passed away...

Auteur-Réalisateur : Chengpeng Dong
Image : Hu Gao
Son : Xu Dong, Jia Zhang
Montage : Kong Jing Lei
Producteur délégué : Fortissimo Films


Distributeur : Fortissimo Films