A Devil Jumping Around
Zéphir Moreels, Alban Mercier
2021 - 60 min - Video Full HD - Couleur - Belgique, France, Lituanie

A travel experience, an encounter with other codes and other gods in a contemporary Lithuania. In the country where legends and pagan practices have survived the influence of the Catholic religion and later the Soviet bloc to feed a folklore still tenacious, weighs the strange sensation of presences belonging to another world. If one takes the time to listen and look, the forest seems inhabited, filled with stories and life.
This narrative is part of a search of the other and of different spiritualities. Where some indulge in rituals borrowed from Mongolian traditions while others perpetuate a cultural heritage.
If Laima, the mother, the one of destiny, of good and bad fortune, still exists in the Lithuanian culture, the ideology of the Soviet bloc is only a painful page of history.


Distributor : Zéphir Moreels


2021 - Terror Molins, Molins (Espagne) : Sélection