A Cow in Heaven
( La Vaca en el Cielo )

Daniel Garcia
2010 - 28 min - Mini DV - Couleur - Espagne

Most of the African children who are given in adoption come from Ethiopia. Zacarías was on the verge of being an adopted child in Europe, but he was not. However, as many others, he knows what growing in a distant place means. In 1983, he was sent with hundreds of Ethiopians to live and study at Isla de la Juventud (Cuba). 22 years later, Zacarías returns to Ethiopia with a video camera on his hand and a strange mixed feeling, something between fear and desire.

Author-Director : Daniel Garcia
Photography : Daniel Garcia, Alejandro G. Salgado
Sound : Juanjo Mulero, Irene Hens
Editing : Joan Tisminetzky
Delegate Producer : Sur Real


Distributor : Commission européenne
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