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À contre-courant
Vassili Silovic
2009 - 76 min - HD - Couleur - France, Canada

We approach the question "Against the flow" of current trends, by looking at a number of recurrent water crisis situations around the globe – particular examples that are representative of the “water problem” at large. Let’s look at the south of Spain which is said to suffer water shortage – what exactly is at stake? What is the cause of the precarious water supply of a megalopolis such as Mexico City – apart from its population density? How came that the city of Bamako in Mali – situated right on the big Niger river - is unable to supply water to a large part of its inhabitants?
The film investigates in a number of different places with different problems, setting them into the context of the historical, social and economic complexity of each situation. The story is told, not by "specialists", but by the people who live with - or suffer from - the lack of water or by those who work towards making it more accessible. "Against the Flow" does not point towards any “culprits”, but reminds us that water shortage is rarely only a question of resource. From time immemorial, access to fresh and unpolluted water has given rise to complex negotiations between men.
Today, faced with new problems, our societies will have to look at the value of water from a new perspective. We will have to adapt and improve the way we manage and share it. What if it were, above all, a question of democracy?

Author-Director : Vassili Silovic
Author : Sylvie Briet
Photography : Olivier Chambon
Sound : Claude Hivernon
Editing : Isabelle Martin
Delegate Producer : Point du Jour
Co-producer : Intuitive Pictures
Broadcasting Co-producer : ARTE GEIE


Distributor : Zed distribution