A Casing Shelved
Michael Snow
1970 - 45 min - Diapositive 35 mm - Couleur - Canada

"The bookcase that I had painted and used in the opening scene of "Wavelength" was still in the studio in 1970, but it had become filled with a great variety of objects that were related to my work. I shot a 35mm slide of it and then, seated in front of the bookcase where the camera had been, made an audiotape recording of my voice. I discussed everything I could think of relative to each of the objects in the bookcase. Before recording, I decided on the categories of my description and also, roughly, on the physical path (around the bookcase) that my description would take." M.S

Author-Director : Michael Snow
Photography : Michael Snow
Sound : Michael Snow
Delegate Producer : Michael Snow


Distributor : Cinédoc Paris Films Coop