A Bolu
( Canto a Tenore in Sardegna )

Davide Melis
2019 - 100 min - vidéo : 2K scope - Couleur - Italie

English summary
"A Bolu" is a choral tale, a journey through Sardinia, aimed at discovering one of the most authentic cultures of the island, pastoralism, which finds a synthesis and a genuine expression in tenor singing.
The stories of the characters begin with their most important gathering: the film starts with a flash-forward scene that anticipates the ending: a huge town folk party.
Through the Songs, their lyrics and their harmonic and rhythmic structures, which are the true matrix of the work, the film weaves a pattern that narrates Sardinia, both as a whole and through its local features, its character and the life of its people, highlighting the deep sense of unity and cohesion that has always distinguished the Sardinian communities.

Auteur-Réalisateur : Davide Melis
Image : Luca Melis
Son : Marco Rocca
Montage : Davide Melis
Producteur délégué : Karel Società Cooperativa


Distributeur : TVCO srl


2019 - EtnoFilm Fest (Mostra del Cinema Documentario Etnografico), Monselice (Italie) : Sélection