2010, a Year on Earth
David Korn-Brzoza
2011 - 90 min - Couleur - France

In 2010, Planet Earth surprised us once again, with 12 spectacular months of chaos, wonder and discovery, Water, earth, wind and fire: these four elements both create and destroy and, in doing so, produced some rare and fascinating events for mankind.
From January through to December, Mother Nature threw some extraordinary challenges at us: earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, wildfires etc.
Aside from the incredible images, these natural occurrences are part of our life on earth. Mankind has a life force, witnessed in his determination to survive and his overwhelming capacity to hope, come what may.

Author-Director : David Korn-Brzoza
Author : Caroline Vermalle
Editing : Agathe Cauvin, Charlène Gravel, Soazic Veillon
Original Music : Laurent Marimbert
Delegate Producer : Bonne Pioche Productions
Contribution : Planète +, France Télévisions
Cast : Jacques Weber


Distributor : France Télévisions