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Les États généraux du film documentaire 2018 Story of a production: Films de force majeure

Story of a production: Films de force majeure

Friday, 24 at 10:00 am, Salle Cinéma

Since its founding in 2010 in Marseille, Films de Force Majeure has focused on cinéma d'auteur with a special interest for documentary and international collaborations.
This has led us to regularly participate in co-productions – either as principal producer or as minority co-producer. As examples we can cite the release in 2018 of Game Girls (Berlinale, France/Germany), Mitra (FID, Belgium/France) and Un territoire imaginaire (Locarno, Singapore/France/Netherlands).
These films reflect our taste for strong commitments facing the Real, be it in terms of viewpoint, formal strategies, or narrative choices, through documentary, fiction, animation or hybrid approaches.
One of our most significant adventures was Game Girls, a feature-length documentary by Alina Skrzeszewska that we will present for the first time in France at the États généraux du film documentaire.
From our meeting with the director at Lisbon Docs 2012 to the world premiere in Berlin in 2018, it took six years to complete the film, of which three spent in development, including the organisation of artistic expression workshops in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles – one of the most dysfunctional neighbourhoods in the United States. Six years during which the project radically changed form, notably during the edit, which turned out to be a real challenge.
Co-produced with Germany, shot in L.A., it has also been a complex and stimulating international playing field, which is continuing on today in the field of distribution. A new chapter in which certain partnerships turn out to be decisive – starting with our international sales agent (Doc&Film) and our French distributor (Vendredi Distribution).
We will be delighted to tell you this “story of a production” ahead of its theatrical release, planned for the end of the year (to be confirmed).

Jean-Laurent Csinidis

Encounter moderated by Aleksandra Chevreux (producer, DOC(K)S 66).
In the presence of Jean-Laurent Csinidis (producer, Films de Force Majeure).