Les États généraux du film documentaire 2013 Sacem Day

Sacem Day

The Sacem (French Society of Composers and Musicians) has the pleasure of being once again present at the États généraux du film documentaire and proposing on Friday August 23rd an entire day devoted to musical documentary. This year, we have chosen to echo some of the features of the États généraux's programming in our musical themes and in productions supported by the Sacem's cultural activity: examining the conception of a creative documentary being made at the moment, analyzing and questioning the dialogue between image and music in the service of creative documentary film...
This will allow us to address new themes and new approaches to this specific genre, the diversity of which mirrors year after year the multiplicity of musical experiences in time and space reflecting the very essence of the ideals intrinsic to the Lussas project since its inception.
The Sacem is constantly striving to support the production of ambitious audiovisual works on music, live recordings or original music for creative documentary. Last year we announced at Lussas the creation of a support fund for original music destined exclusively for creative works made by directors selected by the Scam's "Brouillon d'un rêve" seed fund. This year we are happy to screen, both in the programs presented by the Scam and in those of the Sacem, films which have been awarded this double support.
A good États généraux to all!

Jean-Claude Petit
Chairman of the Sacem Board of Directors

Our day will start out with the analysis of a creative documentary being made on musician Gérard Pierron. Director Paul Champart spent time with the musician before the start of the shooting and will come, accompanied by screenwriter Laurent Roth, editor Stéphanie Langlois and producer Hugues Landry (Inthemood...), to discuss questions about the methodology of his work, illustrating their exchange with the projection of excerpts from this film under production at the moment.
On the afternoon, we will focus on director Stéphane Sinde. His films, devoted to music or portraits of musicians probe the form of creative musical documentary, but also question the resonance created by the presence, or the absence, of the musician who is the subject of the film. Three of his works will be screened: Michel Portal, drôle d’oiseau (Oléo Films), Barney Wilen, the Rest of your Life (Nord-Ouest Documentaires), Fay ce que vouldras (Atopic). They all received production aid from the Sacem.
Finally, the Sacem's Prize for Best Musical Documentary will be be awarded to Thierry Augé for his film Quand les mains murmurent (La Huit production), on a training class for orchestra conductors given at the Paris Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et danse. The film will of course be shown in the evening, as tradition has it.