Viewing Experiences Selection


Mary Tarantola


All creative documentary films with copyright 2015-2016, produced or co-produced in a French-speaking European country (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg) can be submitted for the 2016 event, provided they were not submitted in 2015.

Once a film is registered for the États généraux du film documentaire, it is also automatically available during the event at the video library for viewings upon request.
It becomes part of our on-line database. It is also registered at Club du Doc, the cooperative video library of Maison du Doc, except if you do not wish to.

NB: Films submitted for the « Viewing Experiences » selection can also be programmed in other selections of the event (Open air, Special Screenings, Tënk! if the film has been presented during a Tënk meeting, etc.). Your first choice for submission is nevertheless our priority.

Registering with États généraux du film documentaire tacitly means that you are aware of all prevailing regulations and comply with them.


Deadline for registration and sending of film copies:
- March 31st, 2016 for the © 2015 films
- May 18th, 2016 for the © 2016 films



(We warmly advice you to use any browser except Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox)


Send your DVD copy of the film - with registration number on it - to the following postal address:

Etats generaux du film documentaire


16, route de l'Echelette
07170 Lussas



Please forward any additional message or document (photo,
 press kit, presentation file), clearly mentioning film registration number, by e-mail to:


NB: If your film could not be registered on time, you will still have the opportunity to register for the États généraux video library. Submissions for this purpose will be open on this website after May 18th, 2016.