Doc Route: Lebanon



It is rare to centre a programme devoted to Lebanese cinema on documentary. Shattered by numerous and various wars, with the Mediterranean sea as its only way out, Lebanon is a small country that might have died away but which ceaselessly regenerates new proposals. Documentary film is one. It is not an industry strictly speaking but nonetheless films are regularly created haunted by recurring, almost obsessional, images. The spectre of civil war brings to the surface questions connected to memory, disappearance, transmission, territory which constitute so many sources of filmed material, simultaneously disparate and coherent. This selection will define the trends visible over the last ten years, point out particular cinematic explorations, discuss well known filmmakers and others who receive less attention.

In collaboration with Carine Doumit.



Thursday afternoon, August 24th

In this Land Lay Graves of Mine, Reine Mitri, 2014, 110’

74 - Reconstitution of a struggle, Rania & Raed Rafei, 2012, 100’



Friday morning, August 25th

Tango of Yearning, Mohamed Soueid, 1998, 70’

Diaries of a Flying Dog, Bassem Fayad, 2015, 75’



Friday afternoon, August 25th

Nightfall, Mohamed Soueid, 2000, 70’

1958 - Autoportrait d’hier, Ghassan Salhab, 2008, 65’

(Posthume), Ghassan Salhab, 2007, 29’

Merely a Smell, Maher Abi Samra, 2007,10’



Friday evening, August 25th

Civil War, Mohamed Soueid, 2002, 85’

Monumentum, Fadi Yeni Turk, 2015, 80’



Saturday morning, August 26th

My father is still a communist, Ahmad Ghossein, 2011, 32’

28 Nights and a Poem, Akram Zaatari, 2015, 120’



Saturday afternoon, August 26th

Marjaayoun, Ala’ Fadel, 2015, 19’

Geographies, Shaghig Arzoumanian, 2015, 72’

Birds of September, Sara Francis, 2013, 99’



Saturday evening, August 26th, 21h-0h

My Father Looks Like Abdel Nasser, Farah Kassem, 2012, 33’

This Little Father Obsession, Selim Mourad, 2016, 103’