Catalogue des films de « Waclaw Kazmierczak »

3 films
Varsovie 1956
Montage | Pologne | 1956

A decade after the wartime destruction, Warsaw still looks bruised. Ruined houses are nevertheless inhabited, which can be dangerous for the local population. The authors show the truth which, though commonly known, could not be presented in a...

Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage 2 | Pologne | 1947

In the spring of 1947, Bossak sent teams of operators to the Vistula floodplain areas: the material that made up the film was presented in weekly editions of the Polish Film Chronicle. Without any commentary, the skilful editing makes the film a...

Suite de Varsovie
Montage | Pologne | 1946

time the embodiment of national pride and triumph. This film is the visualization of these emotions and consists of three parts, built up like the parts of a piece of music: catastrophe (adagio), revival (andante), and spring (allegro).