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Time We Lost
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Montage, Producteur délégué, Distributeur | Danemark | 2017

By the time the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina ended in November 1995, more than three million people from the region were displaced. Many were separated from family members and as time passes they continue to live far away from one another. A...

Dear Little Bird
Montage, Distributeur | Danemark, Serbie | 2017

In 1999, when she was twenty-two, the director decided to leave her past in the rubbles of her bombarded Belgrade home and start a new life far north, in the promised land of Scandinavia. "Dear Little Bird" tries to portray how it feels to be a...

Montage, Distributeur | Danemark, Macédoine | 2017

This film tells the story of a young newlywed woman’s relationship to her husband and her encounter with his homeland, Denmark, where she has moved. The film functions as a personal letter to the narrator’s mother. It shows both the woman’s...

History Now
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Montage, Producteur délégué, Distributeur | Danemark | 2015

"History Now" consists of two recordings running synchronously. One is from 1993 and shows the artist’s mother with her two sons standing in front of the refugee camp Flotel Europa. They are making a video letter to the mother’s parents...