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Montage | Portugal | 2019

Using video assist recorded images, "Antecâmara" is about the "act" of shooting, the physical reality and ritual energy of two film crews during the preparation for a shot. The first video assist rule is that the image one sees in it has to be...

Bird's Nest
Montage | Portugal | 2019

"I haven’t seen my father for a decade. Together with my colleagues from cinema school, I return to the place where I was born, and a reunion seems inevitable." (Miguel de Jesus)

Around The World When You Were My Age
Montage | Portugal | 2018

The portrait of a father through his daughter’s point of view. A photo album of a journey in the 1970’s from Japan around the world. Father’s and daughter’s dialogue about the memories of the old images and words, sharing the desire to...

Dom Fradique
Montage | France, Portugal | 2017

A path for tourists on their way to the Castle of São Jorge, the Pátio Dom Fradique was once a popular courtyard where around sixty families used to live. Today, ruins of their houses are the unique remains. There, the erased memories of the old...

Montage | France, Portugal | 2014

Inspired by the Arabic Spring, a group of young Portuguese activists decide with their friends to organize a popular protest. Without any political support, they managed to mobilize half million people against the austerity’s measures, which...

Iec Long
Montage | Portugal | 2014

It begins in a burst of sound and light: the joyful sparkle of a Chinese New Year with its squibs and fireworks. The sequences shot in the present, characterised by their crisp definition, are soon followed by the slower rhythm of the past. In the...

Montage | Portugal | 2012

To be captive is to be confined, both in space and in time. The captive one is not only and necessarily a prisoner, but becomes an inherent part of that space, his identity being continually projected on it. The captivity space itself is in turn...

30 000 Ans
Montage | Portugal, France | 2011

In the Côa River Valley, in northern Portugal, were rediscovered thousands of prehistoric engravings in open air after centuries of oblivion. They are the most ancient works of art known to Humanity. 30,000 years after the prehistoric men...

Sans-titre 3. La terre nous nourrit et la terre nous mange
Montage | France, Portugal | 2011

Mirandese is one of the last surviving oral languages in Europe. Sophie Rodrigues, the central character of Sans-titre 3 is an actress. Born in France of parents who come from the Tras-Os-Montes region of Portugal, she returns to discuss with...

À la mode de chez nous
Montage | Portugal | 2011

A spectacular view of the world as seen from Armando and Maria’s control tower, eight floors up from the river Douro. A comic and probing portrait of an old Portuguese couple whose private life has remained permeable to the modern world.

12 films