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Son | Portugal, Espagne | 2019

The word "campo" (field) comes from the Latin "capere" (to capture). "Campo de Marte" (The Field of Mars) was in the ancient times Rome’s training arena for war. At the outskirts of Lisbon, "Campo" hosts today Europe’s largest military...

Son | Portugal | 2019

Portrait of a tannery in Portugal countryside and of its workers. The film follows the lives of Carla and Lúcia, the only female workers left after the departure of Patrícia, whose disappearance is the subject of much talk among the workers and...

The Spicy-Man – Dialogues with Mr. Pepper
Son | Portugal | 2018

"A smile is cheaper than electricity and gives more light to the youth" "The Spicy-Man - Dialogues with Pepper" is not a tribute documentary. It is a poetic film celebrating the work of Alberto Pimenta. Result of a friendship and complicity...