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Grève ou Crève
Son | France | 2020

December 1995. A thousand miners rise up in revolt in one of the most violent struggles for social justice in French contemporary history. A quarter of a century later, the rage still smoulders and the struggle is more present than ever. Composed...

Altérations - Kô Murobushi
Son | France | 2019

A film, which is in itself a form of dance – rather than a film about dance. An encounter between film and dance – rather than a film about a dancer. A documentary exploring K? Murobushi’s dance and interiority with the means of cinema.

Les Rêves du château
Son | Chili, France | 2018

A teenagers prison in the middle of the Mapuche countryside, in the South of Chile. Every night the teenagers are attacked by recurrent nightmares. The film is an exploration about the link between their lives, their crimes and their nightmares,...

Son | France, Italie | 2017

A movie about the last breath of randomness and vandalism in what's called street art.

Son | France | 2017

Istanbul 2016. Alors que la Turquie vit un tournant politique inquiétant, un homme ne parvient pas à trouver le sommeil, troublé par les sons d'un conflit de plus en plus menaçant. Comment dormir quand on entend les fantômes de la guerre ?...

Fantasy Sentences
Son | Allemagne, Danemark | 2017

Many years ago, the cities by the river were gripped by a contagion. Things started to change and everything slowly became something else. It was not clear if transformation was a symptom of the disease or a way to escape it. The contagion touched...

Une passion
Son | Belgique, France | 2016

In the marital bedroom, a couple is getting ready to go out to a dance club. The wife wants to cheat on her husband. This film tells the story of a family who grapples with the desire of a woman, and of a mother who wants to escape, to seduce and...

Son | France | 2016

Au sous-sol, à mesure que les saisons passent, un ouvrier Albanais et un jeune bourgeois retapent un appartement. Au sommet sur le toit, à mesure que les nuits tombent, le jeune homme et ses amis refont le monde.

The Reflection of Power
Son | France | 2015

Dans la capitale la plus secrète du monde la foule assiste à un spectacle alors qu'une catastrophe menace d'anéantir la ville...

Son | France | 2014

DOCU-FICTION This story takes place in ancient times, times of violence. All over Europe a sort of war was spreading. Two sisters lived in a city. Here is a possible synopsis. It is not enough to say that from one tower to another (those of the...

17 films