Catalogue des films de « Sergio Fergnachino »

3 films
Almost Married
Auteur-Réalisateur | Italie | 2010

Fatma is a twenty-five year old Turkish woman. To live a life free from the traditional ties of her family, she runs away to Italy. There she studies photography, adopting an exciting new and independent life. And of course she falls in love with...

La Face cachée de la peur
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2008

Since September 11, 2001, New York has become the centre of a new epidemic of fear and anxiety that has rapidly spread through the western world. "The Hidden Face of Fear" recounts the studies of two of the world’s leading experts on fear and...

L'Énigme du sommeil
Auteur-Réalisateur | France | 2004

Why are we distracted, tired or lazy at different times during the day? Why do we fall ill? Medicine has always sought the replies to these questions in our waking state. On the contrary, sleep research looks for them in an, as of yet, poorly...