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Quartier Nomade
Image | Belgique | 2018

From Flanders to Wallonia "the nomadic district" crosses Belgium in an annual tour that has been going on for centuries. Its inhabitants, the showmen, are nevertheless well established in the modernity. In the banality of their daily lives and the...

Une vie contre l'oubli
Image | Belgique | 2016

André Dartevelle, Belgium journalist and director, built up a body of work "of opposition" over the course of 40 years, tirelessly giving a voice to the oppressed. Witnessing world conflicts and with social issues in Belgium, and more generally...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Mokoomba
Image | Belgique | 2010

"Mokoomba, d'une rive à l'autre" c'est l'histoire d’un groupe de 6 musiciens zimbabwéens qui gagnent une tournée de 3 mois en Europe lors du festival "Music Crossroads 2008". Mais derrière cette victoire aux perspectives financières...