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68, mon père et les clous
Montage | France | 2017

Bricomonge is a hardware shop ran by my father Jean, it is situated in the rue Monge, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. People coming from different countries and cultures work there, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Zora is Algerian, José is...

Notre amour a la couleur de la nuit
Montage | France | 2015

Jacques, my husband, died on April 19, 2014. For the last two months of our shared life, a final dialogue of love played out thanks to cinema.

Le Parler des pas perdus
Montage | France | 2015

What can we do with time passing when we are locked out? Thérèse, Bakhta and Sayda are forced to reinvent every day a way to fill those hours, pending 19h opening of the doors of the foster home for the night.

Je suis le peuple
Montage | France | 2014

In January 2011 in Egypt, anti-government demonstrations brought together tens of thousands of people into the streets of Cairo while the inhabitants of villages in the southern countryside followed events from the Tahrir Square via their...

Montage | France | 2013

"There are encounters that make filmed interviews into something more than portrait: this is the case when the filmmaker meets Kelly. The quality of the framing and a keen ability to listen are clearly felt from the very first shots. Kelly is a...

À vos lointains
Montage | France | 2013

À l’internat du Lycée agricole d’Aubenas. Epsilone a dix-sept ans, les yeux bleus, une gueule d’ange avec ses cheveux blonds. Privée de clopes, d’internet et de scoot’, elle a des rêves en stock. Toute la nuit, avec Gaïa, la...

Montage | France | 2012

I started filming Esther Gorintin in 1998. She was a friend of my grandparents. She and my grandparents traversed the 20th century together, from Central Europe to France and from Yiddish to French. As well as recording the incredible career of...

Hercule contre Hermès
Montage | France | 2012

Un petit paysan marocain surnommé Hercule en raison de sa force peu commune vit avec sa famille sur un lopin de terre qui jouxte une magnifique plage au sud de Tanger. Ils vivent de la culture de leur terre, de la pêche, de leur bétail, et des...

Cofralandes II - Rostros Y Rincones
Montage | Chili, France | 2002

Second episode. Exploration of “Cantos a lo Divino”, a Chilean tradition based on popular forms of poetry.

Cofralandes III - Museos Y Clubes de la Region Antartica
Montage | Chili, France | 2002

Third episode. Chilean craziness leads to the unexpected: the election of Miss Swimming Pool and a visit to the Sandwich Museum.

13 films