Catalogue des films de « Rodolphe Respaud »

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Une simple parole
Montage | Sénégal | 2014

In my family, one of the last guardians of the genealogy is my grandmother Penda Diogo Sarr. She knows the heroic deeds of the ancestors and all the important names in the lineage. According to President and poet Senghor, the only dead man is the...

Boul Fallé, la voie de la lutte
Image | Côte-d'Ivoire, France | 2009

"Boul Fallé, the Wrestling Way" In 1988, the Senegalese youth took to the streets to protest against President Abdou Diouf’s re-election. This was the first indication of a rift between the generations. The "Boul Fallé" movement, which means,...