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Montage | Finlande, France | 2017

In the middle of the Siberian taiga, seven hundred kilometres from the nearest village, two families have settled: the Braguine and the Kaline. They live self sufficiently, following their own rules and principles. In the middle of the village, a...

Les Invisibles
Montage | France | 2012

Men and women, born between the wars. They have nothing in common except their homosexuality, and their decision to live openly at a time when society rejected them. They've loved, struggled, desired, made love. Today they tell us about their...

Montage | France, Allemagne | 2011

Secluded in their apartment in Moscow, Ely and Nina Bielutin are jealously keeping an eye on one of the most significant and mysterious art collections of the Renaissance. Surrounded by their crow and cats, under the watchful eye of Leonardo da...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Que devient mon souvenir quand tu n'y penses pas
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Montage | France | 2010

An island, an active volcano, an extinct love. A return to the places of the past, contaminated by memories. A mental cartography of Stromboli, unreal decor, invitation to daydreams and fantasies.

Un voyage américain : Sur les traces de Robert Frank
Montage | France, États-Unis | 2009

In contemporary photography, everybody agrees there is a “before” and an “after” "The Americans", Robert Frank’s 1958 photographic manifesto. Half a century later, French director Philippe Séclier decided to follow in Robert Frank’s...

Montage | France | 2009

Valvert is a psychiatric hospital in Marseille, founded in the mid-seventies in a spirit of freedom and openness. The film observes daily life there, painting a portrait of the place through interviews with employees and scenes from the...

Spaghetti alle vongole
Montage | Suisse | 2008

Longing to renew relations with her absent father, a young woman finally finds the courage to confront him with the questions she has always wanted to ask.

La Peau trouée
Montage | France | 2003

Torn Skin is the story of five fishermen sailing in the Irish sea to catch sharks. The story of their loneliness facing the violence of the hunt and of the sea.

Pola à 27 ans
Montage | France | 2001

Pola was a young jewish woman from Warsaw. Between 1944 and 1945 - she was 27 years old then - she lost her grandparents, her father, her mother, her four brothers, her husband and her husband's entire family in Auschwitz. Auschwitz where she...