Catalogue des films de « Patrick Becker »

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Son | Suisse | 2016

Calabria est un road movie en corbillard. Après la mort d'un émigré calabrais venu travailler en Suisse, deux employés des pompes funèbres, Jovan et José, eux-mêmes émigrés, traversent l'Italie du nord au sud pour rapatrier le corps du...

Where the Condors Fly
Son | Suisse, Allemagne, Chili | 2012

Chilean film director Carlos Klein accompanies Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky during the shooting of his latest film. In Patagonia, at Lake Baikal and in Shanghai, Victor Kossakovsky explores the singular relationships between places and...

Nel Giardino dei Suoni
Son | Suisse | 2010

The blind protagonist understands the beneficial effect music can have on handicapped children: the talent of communication as a way of life.

La Beauté crue
Son | France, Suisse | 2008

It is fascinating what an immense influence the artworks of psychologically ill people have had on the course of 20th century art history. Artistic icons such as Jean Tinguely, Paul Klee and Jean Dubuffet were clearly interested in the...

À l'ombre de la montagne
Son | Suisse, France | 2008

A mythical site among the first sanatoriums, Davos was not spared the convulsions of History. From the peaceful years of the Belle Époque to the rise of Nazism, then through the difficult compromises with the major powers during World War Two, we...