Catalogue des films de « Patricia Saramago »

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Montage | France | 2019

Maria is from Ecuador. For almost a decade now she has been living with my grandmother Rosita in a village in La Mancha, where she looks after her and the home. I film their relationship and daily activities; Safran flowers fill the living room...

Montage | Portugal | 2019

Portrait of a tannery in Portugal countryside and of its workers. The film follows the lives of Carla and Lúcia, the only female workers left after the departure of Patrícia, whose disappearance is the subject of much talk among the workers and...

Notre homme
Montage | Portugal | 2011

"I was a good bricklayer. I never built a crooked wall. My boss never once complained. One day the work ended, and I lost my unemployment benefits. No retirement pension, no family allowances. I looked everywhere for work, found nothing. I...

Ne change rien
Montage | Portugal, France | 2009

""Ne change rien", succinctly delivers us the synopsis of this film. It was born of the friendship between the actress Jeanne Balibar, the sound engineer Philippe Morel and Pedro Costa. In other words it is a film which came into being...

tarrafalok Tarrafal
Montage | Portugal | 2007

Tarrafal: territory on the island of Santiago in Cape Verde where, in 1936, Portugal created a concentration camp for political prisoners. This colony was known as the "camp of slow death".

Dans le jardin du monde
Montage | France, Portugal | 2004

The Alentejo is the vast region of plains in the South of Portugal. Through stories of farmlands, cowherds and other workers, we realise what life has been for the men and women there. With lucidity, poetry and humour, they recall the years of...

Dans la chambre de Vanda
Montage | Portugal, Allemagne, Italie, Suisse | 2000

"In "Ossos" (1997), Pedro Costa filmed the social outcasts of the Fontainhas district on the outskirts of Lisbon. Expelled from the human community, the characters float in the endless hiatus induced by drugs, hunger and poverty. In the present...