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Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage | France, Israël | 2020

Seven young people share their love for Yiddish avant-garde poetry written during the interwar period - a period which saw a huge outbreak of Yiddish culture and creativity. The poetry written was both personal and universal, closely aligned with...

Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Montage | France, Israël | 2018

In her movie, SIGNING, Nurith Aviv ventures into the relatively uncharted territory of sign languages. Sign languages are numerous and diverse, each one with its own grammar and syntax, its unique richness and complexity. Three generations of...

Poétique du cerveau
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | Israël, France | 2015

Childhood photos from Nurith Aviv’s family album evoke memories and reflections, which lead her to encounters with researches in neuroscience. In her film "Poetics of the Brain" she weaves associative links between her personal biographical...

Auteur-Réalisateur | France, Israël | 2013

The portrait of seven women, starting out from the stories of the annunciations made to Hagar, Sarah and Mary as related in the Old Testament, New Testament and the Koran. Their thoughts unfurl and weave a new canvas, tying the threads with their...

Ceux qui vont, ceux qui restent
Image | Autriche | 2013

Rain on a window pane, a fire truck, a tomcat with innumerable offspring: it is an intentionally unintentional gaze that allows for chance encounters, for stories and memories — leads that Ruth Beckermann follows across Europe and the...

Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | France, Israël | 2010

The film "Translating", coming after "From Language to Language" and" Sacred Language, Spoken Language", is the last part of a trilogy. "Translating"is a Babel-film in which translators from different countries, expressing themselves in their own...

Adventures in Listening
Image | Canada | 2008

Kurt Masur is one of the world's most respected maestros. The film interweaves Masur’s teachings to the next generation of young musicians and conductors and his personal life experiences into a comprehensive emotional portrait of him. The film...

Langue sacrée, langue parlée
Auteur-Réalisateur | France, Israël | 2007

Toutes les langues modernes et apparemment laïques sont imprégnées de siècles d’histoire religieuse dont elles portent encore les marques. Mais c’est un cas de figure sans précédent, qu’une langue sacrée soit redevenue langue parlée...

La Bar Mitzva de Zorro
Image | Autriche | 2005

The families of Sharon, Tom, Moishy and Sophie are get- ting ready for their twelve-year-old children’s Bar or Bat Mitzva. André, an expert of special-occasion videos, had no Bar Mitzva party of his own. He is preparing a “Zorro” clip with...

D'une langue à l'autre
Auteur-Réalisateur | France, Belgique, Israël | 2004

"From the moment I wanted to enter the Hebrew language in order to write, I knew I had to kill Russian, eliminate it." (Meir Wieseltier) "I refer to my Hebrew and Arab identities as two distinct entities linked by a blind spot." (Haviva Pedaya)...

33 films