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Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Juste Charity
Image | France | 2022

"Charity" tells the story of a young Nigerian woman who, after being forced to work in the streets of Nantes, made the choice to denounce the network of sex traffickers who forced her. The film tells how today, with her lawyer, she will fight to...

Moi, Armand Frémont, enfant du Havre
Image | France | 2019

This film narrative describes the social rise of the family of geographer Armand Frémont in Le Havre in the 20th century. Starting point for the Le Havre-New York line, the city was occupied by the German army in 1940 and then crushed by English...

Marlon Brando, un acteur nommé désir
Image | France | 2014

Sex-symbol à la puissance de jeu incontestée, Marlon Brando a bousculé lignes et codes dans les très puritaines années 50. Sacré roi des voyous, l'icône d''Un tramway nommé désir' prend avec force, la décennie suivante, la défense des...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Les Debré
Image | France | 2014

For generations the Debré family has been in service of the French nation – members of this family have grown to be politicians, physicians, and sometimes both. Robert and Michel Debré, father and son, shared the same line of thought. Their...

Image | France | 2012

4 years ago, I discovered Lucha Libre, the Mexican wrestling, a sunday at the Coliseo, in Mexico City. This is the first step towards a memory of me as a child. Long time I thought my face was not my real face and the mask one day would be torn.

Le Moment et la Manière
Image | France | 2012

Depuis 14 ans, Anne luttait contre un cancer dont elle savait qu’elle ne guérirait plus. Avec la réalisatrice, une amie de longue date, elles décident de filmer ce que signifie la vie avec un cancer chronique. Mais très vite, la maladie...

L'Alchimiste du potiron
Image | France | 2011

Any gardener knows that pumpkins, when wounded, heal by growing scars. Harking back to an early childhood Memory, French sculptor Françoise Jolivet etches designs and writing into all sorts of pumpkins, which emerge as the pumpkins grow. The...

Naissance d'une mère
Image | France | 2010

Elles attendent un enfant. Une maternité heureuse. À l’arrivée de leur bébé, tout bascule. Ces femmes sans antécédents psychiatriques éprouvent des difficultés maternelles qui peuvent parfois aller jusqu’à la violence physique....

Marilyn, dernières séances
Image | France | 2009

For thirty months, from January 1960 to August 4, 1962, they formed an anomalous couple: the Hollywood sex goddess Marilyn Monroe and the strict Freudian psychoanalyst, Ralph Greenson. She had asked him to help her act, help her get up in the...

Moi, petite fille de 13 ans
Image | France | 2009

Deported at the age of thirteen, Simone Lagrange survived Auschwitz-Birkenau and was one of the major witnesses in Klaus Barbie Trial. The film is here today to tell her story. She says to the teenagers listening to her with great attention:...

15 films