Catalogue des films de « Melanie Chait »

6 films
A Dream From the Bath
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1985

Commissioned by Large Door and broadcast on Visions, Channel 4’s film programme, this is a response to the Film Act of 1985, a law which left the UK as the only industrialised country without any state support for cinema. Karlin questions the...

Nicaragua 1: Voyages
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1985

In 1978-79, American photographer Susan Meiselas photographed the two insurrections that led to the overthrow of fifty years of dictatorship by the Somoza family in Nicaragua. These photographs provide the images of the film. Combining with an...

Nicaragua 2: Making of a Nation
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1985

Shot in 1983-84, the second film shows how Nicaragua is in a state of reclamation. Focusing on the work of the Historical Institute, the film witnesses how Nicaraguans are recovering their history, the memory of Sandino’s struggle, to transform...

Nicaragua 3: In Their Time
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1985

This third film focuses on the daily working life of the journalists and photographers of Barricada, the official publication of the Sandinista National Liberation Front. The film observes the dilemmas of putting socialism into practice through...

Nicaragua 4: Changes
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1985

"Changes" offers a portrait of a remote area in the rural north of Nicaragua at the time of the 1984 elections. Following Marlon Stuart, the Sandinista political organiser for the zone, the film measures the impact of the revolution and reflects...

For Memory
Son | Royaume-Uni | 1982

A contemplation on cultural amnesia initiated through members of the British Army Film Unit present at the liberation of Belsen concentration camp. Through the central metaphor of a futuristic city Karlin examines how memory is constructed for its...