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Son | France | 2016

A teen-movie documentary, "Swagger" carries us in the midst of the astonishing minds of eleven teenagers growing up in one of the most underprivileged neighborhood in France. Despite their life difficulties, Aulnay’s and Sevran’s kids have...

Alexandre Marius Jacob et les travailleurs de la nuit
Son | France | 2016

An investigative report dating back to 1957 was found in the French TV archives. Some obscure journalist endeavoured to tell Alexandre Jacob’s story, Belle Époque anarchist burglar. Did he really inspired to Maurice Leblanc the character of...

Pôle emploi, ne quittez pas
Son | France | 2013

This is the story of a team of 40 agents facing 4,000 job seekers at a job centre in the Parisian suburbs. Samia, Corinne, Thierry, Zuleika must support and monitor, bring in the numbers, obey policy guidelines and communication injunctions, and...

Square métropole
Son, Son | France | 2013

Un kiosque à la sortie du métro La Chapelle à Paris se transforme en petite tribune, où les conversations s’animent grâce à l’engagement des kiosquiers, Denis et Hanane. Les battements de l’ailleurs, comme les révolutions dans les...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment L'Outsider
Son | France | 2013

Martial Ragot est infirmier, marié, père de cinq enfants, propriétaire d’une maison, de deux voitures, et il est criblé de dettes. C’est aussi un turfiste plein d’entrain qui hante les hippodromes. A première vue, cette passion le...

La Nuit remue
Son | France | 2012

"On the screen, black melts into the obscurity of night, where voices rise up – the voices of young Afghan migrants somewhere on the edge of a Paris, more guessed at than real. Bijan Anquetil plunges us into their nocturnal world, into their...

Kaspar Film
Son | France | 2011

"First of all the slightly old-fashioned silent video archives : a little girl, shaky on her feet, hesitantly attempting to put one foot in front of the other. Then a figure, the enormous Axel Bogousslavsky, who brings her childlike stature to...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Cité-hôpital
Son | France | 2011

A snorkeling in the Centre Hospitalier de Limoges. Service commission, encounter to encounter, a landscape takes shape within the walls of the hospital. A city within a city, a special place, dedicated to the preservation of life but who summons...

Koukan Kourcia ou le Cri de la tourterelle
Son | France, Niger | 2010

A long trip from Niger to the Ivory Coast to meet Nigers who were forced into exile twenty years ago by the songs of Hussey, a hugely popular female singer. She is now going to see them with a song asking them to return to their country. The film...

Birds Get Vertigo Too
Son | France | 2009

Barnz and Shaena live together in a Welsh travelling circus, where Shaena performs aerial acrobatics on a metal ring with Barnz as her counterweight. Each depends on the other, both onstage and off. The show is about to go on … but sometimes...

11 films