Catalogue des films de « Martti Turunen »

6 films
Son | Finlande | 2014

Socialism, the 20th century’s greatest dream and source of some of its darkest nightmares. Divided into eighteen chapters which all begin with quotes from left-wing thinkers and writers, "Socialism" embarks on a chronological journey through...

Olga - Pour mes amis
Son | Finlande, Norvège, Suède | 2013

In the Russian part of Lapland, some 1,800 kilometers north of Moscow, winter temperatures drop down to the negative double digits and there's hardly a human being to speak of. Here, Olga lives in a simple dwelling under a thick layer of snow. She...

11 Images de l'homme
Son | Finlande | 2012

Le film scrute les gravures et peintures trouvées sur la roche partout dans le monde. Les peintures rupestres sont comme des miroirs dans lesquels l'homme ancien nous voit alors que nous le regardons nous même. Ces images sont les traces d'un...

La Danse des hors-la-loi
Son | Finlande, Allemagne, Norvège | 2012

Twenty-two year old Hind from Morocco has had not official status since she was raped when she was fourteen; she was subsequently kicked out from her family home and left with no other choice than engaging in prostitution. Despite the odds of her...

A Man from the Congo River (Kongon Akseli)
Son | Finlande | 2009

The documentary is studying the little known story of Nordic machinists working on the river boats on the Congo River. Professionals were hired on lucrative salaries from Finland and Sweden and they had to give an oath of fidelity to the King of...

Business en Absurdistan
Son | Finlande, Danemark, Suisse | 2008

Turkmenistan is a closed dictatorship with great oil and gas reserves. The now deceased dictator Saparmurat Niazov wrote the Ruhnama, also known as "The Book of Soul", as guidance and law for his citizens. Ruhnama restricts freedom of speech as...