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Le Complexe du chimpanzé
Auteur-Réalisateur | Pays-Bas, Suisse | 2014

After years in solitary captivity, the chimpansees in a Dutch rescue center must learn to live with members of their own species again. The caretakers who accompany this process, work towards a paradoxical goal: as people they try to let the...

Les Lois de Mathieu
Auteur-Réalisateur, Image, Son | Pays-Bas | 2012

Matthew, partially autistic, is desperately trying to put some order in the chaos that surrounds him. His house is his world. Here he finds peace and balance. But when he is obliged to relate with the outside world, explosive confrontations can...

Sounds for Mazin
Son | Pays-Bas | 2012

Sounds for Mazin tells the story about the 12 years old Mazin, who is deaf from the day he was born. But now he faces an operation that is supposed to make him hear. Excited about all the new things he might discover, Mazin is looking forward to...

Anne Vliegt
Son | Pays-Bas | 2010

A delicate portrayal of Anne, a young girl suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. With its gaze directed towards the skies and underscored by spherical music, the camera is in constant movement with its protagonist, thus poignantly conveying...