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Pedro M, 1981
Montage | Suisse, Espagne | 2015

DOCU-FICTION As a cameraman for Spanish television, Pedro Martin made his name by filming the attempted coup d’état on the Spanish parliament on 23 February 1981. In trying to uncover the secret of her father who disappeared without a trace,...

Montage | France, Belgique | 2013

Three men advance through a noise-filled forest, surrounded by tapirs, nutria and toucans: on the high Amazonian plateaus, Pierre, a Franco-Venezuelan doctor, tra- vels from camp to camp to treat the gold and diamond diggers. Trained as a director...

Le Gosse
Auteur-Réalisateur, Montage, Coproducteur | France | 2012

Thibaut is on the threshold of becoming an adult. Although he still bears a strong resemblance to a child, he moves around his father’s farm with the self-assurance of a young man. Yet the hard work does not fulfil all the desires awakening in...