Catalogue des films de « Krystyna Pohorecka »

5 films
Jour après jour
Son | Pologne | 1988

Memories of two twin sisters, who, two years before retirement, sum up their bitter lives. An entire life spent unloading bricks from trucks on building sites. Day after day, month after month, thirty-six years of work gone by. A critical look at...

Give It To Me
Son | Pologne | 1988

During drama therapie a woman extends her arms toward the therapist: "Give it to me!". He surprises her by reversing the roles: "You give it to me!". The participants of the training led by psychotherapist and Zen practitioner Wojciech...

The Beautyful Twenty-Year-Old
Son | Pologne | 1986

A Film about Marek Hlaska (1934-1969) – the greatest loss in Polish literature since 1956. Hlasko’s tragedy was his forced emigration – communist authorities refused him back into the country follawing his scholarship in the West. The main...

A Passerby
Son | Pologne | 1984

Titkow asks Tadeusz Konwicki: "Do you believe in Man?" The author of the "Ascension" and the "Little Apocalypse" retorts: "Could you ask me more European questions?" There is a rapid stream of flashing images from twentieth-century history of...

Je regarde votre photo
Son | Pologne | 1979

Thanks to cheerful music and a collection of old photographs, this film takes viewers on a nostalgic journey in time. Thematically grouped pictures transport us into the thirties as they present the extraordinary atmosphere of pre-war Poland. The...