Catalogue des films de « Julij Zornik »

3 films
Son | République tchèque, Slovénie | 2019

When a man known as Oroslan dies, the news quickly spreads through a little village, causing grief and emotion. Later on, actions become words and words become stories. In order to overcome the sorrow and restore the natural flow of life, the...

A Girl and A Tree
Son | Slovénie | 2012

Summertime, a meadow covered with flowers. Wrapped in the rustle of birds and crickets, an old woman tells us about her life. Her happy childhood, her career on stage, moments of sadness or heartfelt joy. Such is the common, exceptional fate of...

Son | Slovénie | 2008

A radio broadcast invites its listeners to chat online with an invisible female presenter. The picture: today’s Slovenia.