Catalogue des films de « Jozef Pietrow »

5 films
Son | Pologne | 1976

At the time, this film was rejected by the Polish censorship. From December 1980 it has been distributed on a limited scale. A film about life in Poland, running parallel to the adventures of Ala and Olek, characters from the first reading lessons...

Wanda Gosciminska. Tisseuse
Son | Pologne | 1975

This expressionist portrait of the work heroine Wanda Gosciminska exposes the mechanisms by which man loses his subjectivity and becomes a tool of ideological manipulation. A masterpiece against propaganda and its rituals, which opens our...

The Modern Pentathlon
Son | Pologne | 1975

A documentary film about a sports event demanding versatility and professional preparation — the modern pentathlon. We watch exhausting training and footage from the event while some questions lurk in our minds: what's the sense of all this and...

Tren dla miasta Szydlowa (Lament for Szydlowo Town)
Son | Pologne | 1974

Lyrical reportage from the small beautiful medieval town Szydlowo once rich and crowded. The town has been rebuilt after second world war, having an unique architecture, but no people in the streets. Only during the All Souls’ Day the town wakes...

Krzyz i Topor (The Cross and the Axe)
Son | Pologne | 1972

Elegiac documentary about Krzystopór Castle in Ujazd. Built in 1627-1644 by Krzysztof Ossolinski, it was never completely finished: it was occupied until 1770, when it was destroyed by the Russian army during the military actions against the Bar...