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Le Sang noir
Son | France | 2018

A hunter, a deer's call, a thick fog swallowing a forest... The vision of an haunted memory: a friend, obsessed by the hunting of a stag, penetrating the heart of the forest and disappearing without a trace. Shot as a documentary, in the Cévennes...

Son | Colombie, France | 2017

In Cali, Colombia, a variety of anonymous persons occupy the room of a modest hostel. In these four walls, the camera captures the movement of these people who stop for a moment to catch their breath and shows us some fragments of their lives....

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Changer l'école pour changer le monde
Son | France | 2016

At the end of the First World War, across the shattered European continent, educators of a new kind formulated the revolutionary project of changing the world by changing schooling. Their names were Montessori (Italy), Steiner (Germany), Freinet...

En friche
Son | France | 2014

Le jardin tropical du bois de Vincennes a été pendant plusieurs décennies une des vitrines de la magnificence de l'empire colonial français. On y exhibait avec fierté des produits issus des colonies, produits de l'agriculture, de l'artisanat,...

La Fièvre
Son | France | 2014

During a feverish night in Morocco a child senses the presence of a ghost: a woman is returning to her home after a long political exile. Visions and a bodyless voice mingle in the fever and the dark of the night.

Son | Belgique | 2013

Cochihza, "she awakens the sleeping one", one says about the Cuicuitzcal swallow, in Nahuatl, the language of the ancestors.  Ometepe, the volcano island. A landscape like a sleeping body. Here life is described as a specific rhythm, which man...

Nous sommes revenus dans l'allée des marronniers
Son | France | 2012

La réalisatrice a perdu ses trois oncles. Elle revient dans le cimetière où ils sont enterrés. Entre souvenirs de films de famille en Super 8 et déambulation dans les allées du cimetière, "Nous sommes revenus dans l’allée des...

Monsieur M, 1968
Son | France | 2011

A small black diary found with others in the cellar of a house in Montreuil, after the death of its owner. On this diary, the year 1968, a fine writing. Day after day, Mr. M, 41 years old man, living with his parents, cartographer-worker at the...

La Brodeuse
Son | France | 2010

Adèle is one of my great aunts. Certain members of our family have tried to hide her existence because she was peculiar, perhaps crazy, maybe even wild. Strangely, her spirit seems to have snuck through the bounds of time and into the very being...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment Can you Go Quickly to the Sun?
Son | France | 2008

In Latvia, some people lived on an old military camp built in the middle of the forest by Soviet in order to accomodate an ultra radio telescope powerful to spy North America. Independence (in 1992) had not only positive effects on their life....

10 films