Catalogue des films de « João Pedro Placido »

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Image | Portugal | 2019

Portrait of a tannery in Portugal countryside and of its workers. The film follows the lives of Carla and Lúcia, the only female workers left after the departure of Patrícia, whose disappearance is the subject of much talk among the workers and...

Sousa Martins
Image | Portugal, France | 2018

In Portugal, not every saint goes to Church! Born in 1843, Sousa Martins, famous philanthropist doctor, became, despite him and his struggles as a man of the sciences, the object of a true religious cult. A popular cult, practiced outside any...

Auteur-Réalisateur, Image | Portugal, France, Suisse | 2014

The story of an endangered community: farmers who practice subsistence farming in a mountainous village of northern Portugal, deserted because of immigration. Between the evocation of the past and their uncertain future, we follow the 49...

Image | Portugal, France | 2012

How can you put down roots in the land of your roots? This seemingly paradoxical question applies to the expelled from the United States, where they have lived as American residents sometimes from their early childhood, and who suddenly rediscover...

Li Ké Terra
Image | Portugal | 2010

"Li Ké Terra" tells the story of Miguel Moreira and Ruben Furtado, two Cape Verdean immigrant descendants who live in Portugal but have no legal documents. They are torn between the desire to be full Portuguese citizens and the obstacles they...

Voie d'accès
Image | Portugal | 2008

The last inhabitants of the Azinhaga dos Besouros, on the outskirts of Lisbon, don't have any legal right to be included in the "Special Rehousing Program". They live their neighbourhood’s demolition, where it will be built a freeway. “-...