Catalogue des films de « Jean-Pierre Laforce »

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Ne change rien
Son | Portugal, France | 2009

""Ne change rien", succinctly delivers us the synopsis of this film. It was born of the friendship between the actress Jeanne Balibar, the sound engineer Philippe Morel and Pedro Costa. In other words it is a film which came into being...

Ça, c'est vraiment toi
Son | France | 2000

The film tells the story of young Antoine's trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A recent graduate from the school of political science, he is looking for work. He could easily see himself as a parliamentary assistant ; he could also see...

Son | France | 1987

Tourné au service des urgences psychiatriques de l'Hôtel-Dieu à Paris, ce film est le documentaire le plus abouti de Raymond Depardon. Il filme des personnages du quotidien dans leurs demandes, leurs drames et leurs souffrances grâce à un...

Pas de photo disponible pour le moment La Prochaine Escale
Son | France | 1987

Le Havre to the Far East in a cargo ship: a nostalgic and humorous confrontation of dreams and adventure myths with the routine of a container-ship. A trip in slow motion, an utterly personal adventure.

Appelez-moi Madame
Son | France | 1987

In a small village in France, a 55-year-old married man and communist activist becomes a transsexual with the help of his/her wife. Appelez-moi Madame (Call Me Madame), shot in 1986, is Françoise Romand's second movie, after her famous Mix-Up ou...