Catalogue des films de « Itai Marom »

4 films
Poétique du cerveau
Image | Israël, France | 2015

Childhood photos from Nurith Aviv’s family album evoke memories and reflections, which lead her to encounters with researches in neuroscience. In her film "Poetics of the Brain" she weaves associative links between her personal biographical...

Image | France, Israël | 2013

The portrait of seven women, starting out from the stories of the annunciations made to Hagar, Sarah and Mary as related in the Old Testament, New Testament and the Koran. Their thoughts unfurl and weave a new canvas, tying the threads with their...

Night and Fog
Image | Suisse, Israël | 2011

Fifty years ago on April 11, 1961, the trial of Adolf Eichmann began. He was tried in an Israeli court and charged for committing crimes against humanity and war crimes and was convicted and executed by hanging on May 31, 1962. On a night, between...

Image | France, Israël | 2010

The film "Translating", coming after "From Language to Language" and" Sacred Language, Spoken Language", is the last part of a trilogy. "Translating"is a Babel-film in which translators from different countries, expressing themselves in their own...